Total Health Care - Brushing the Teeth of Kids 3

Additional Caries Prevention
1. If you find obvious decay I recommend that you should find the dentist to eliminate bad sector from your kid’s teeth. Sometime you may take caries control also and then the dentist will assign your kid to check dental health. Most for this case that I used see is molar area and canine teeth, if you find your kid’s teeth match with this case you should find the doctor hastily.

2. If you find white spot on your kid’s teeth I recommend you find the doctor to get locally fluoride and gargle by sodium fluoride 0.05% 1 time per day. The doctor will change your food eating behavior to reduce violence of caries. For good tip you should find the doctor and give the doctor check your kid’s dental health every 3 – 4 months. For me I used to see this case at incisor area and canine teeth.

Yo! Friend how do you do? For this post may help someone about kid’s dental health story. If you take care of your kid’s teeth I think that your kid’s teeth will be beautiful and strong and stay with his/herself for a long time. In the future if I have good knowledge about health care I will take it and share with all friends. If you have a comment you can post here I will happy if you have advice for my blog. Find total health care blog on the next time.

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