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For kid do not like to brush his/her teeth don’t worry you only use the toy just one piece to cod while your kid brush the teeth but you should help your kid also. I hope that this tip will help you a little. In addition to you may give reward after your kid finished brush the teeth. This is another one technique for fix the problem your kid don’t like brush the teeth. If you use this technique I think that you kids may love brushing the teeth.

How to Prevent Caries?
Surely all parent must find with this problem then you do you know that you can fix this problem by your own by you don’t need to go to doctor at all. How do you make? Follow me I will take you tour. Let’s go. First of all you need to know about caries prevention is it has 2 levels is basic caries prevention and additional caries prevention. For more detail you will see at below.

Basic Caries Prevention
1. Your kid should brush the teeth to eliminate the microorganism at least 2 times per day by use fluoride toothpaste.
2. Use other device for cleaning your kid’s teeth in hard area that toothbrush is inaccessible such as Dental floss, or toothpick at cranny teeth area.
3. Find the doctor to check dental health including get advice from the doctor and get intense fluoride for your kid also.
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