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Hi all fan total health care blog find me again. Today I have good tips about kids health to give all friends also. Useful information for today is a little story about brushing the teeth of kid after you get knowledge from this post you will know that brushing the teeth of kid is so easy and after this your kid will get good dental health. You already know that kid don’t like brushing the teeth therefore you should highly read this article, some time you may get good idea to fix this problem.

For small kid age between 1.5 years old will have small molar and incisor in his/her mouth, parent should find toothpaste is mixed with fluoride brush the his/her teeth including you should try to teach your kid brush the teeth by him/herself, especially for age of kid not more than 7 years the parent should brush the teeth of your kid because kid still developing in the hand is not good enough.

For good kid that can help themselves the parent should give the kid try to brush the teeth by him/herself. How do you know that your kid is ready? So easy for this case you can observe your kid when your kid lace shoestring by his/herself or you can observe at writing the book, these is good signal tell you that your kid is already for brushing the teeth by own. Although your kid can brush his/her teeth but you should check the cleaning in brushing the teeth of your kid too.
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