Total Health Care - 5 Formula Make You’re Beautiful by Salt 2

Formula 3: Increase Moisture to Your Skin
Mix salt 1/2 cup into the bath and then soak your body about 15 - 20 minutes after that wipe your body and take skin cream. From this formula salt will help your skin is moist more. Wow! Only salt make skin is moist sometime you may try this formula on the evening. If you get good skins don’t forget tell me know too.

Formula 4: Scrub Your Skin by Salt
For this formula you only use salt powder scrub your body and use sponge or towel wipe your all body. Salt will help eliminate dead skin cells out from your skin. At the same time, it stimulates the circulation of blood in the body also. The salt is useful for health and it still have more benefit for all people in kitchen also.

Formula 5: Relax Fatigue at Your Foot
Mix 1 - 2 tablespoons of salt into the warm water after that soak your foot in this saline about 30 minutes. This formula is suitable with who use more foot including all women that wear high heels all day also. If you’re finding fatigue relax method this is one tip you can make at your home and you can find salt everywhere in general supermarket.

I hope that you will get good knowledge from this post. For women who love beauty tip and wants to make your face is clear and beautiful this tip is another one tips you don’t miss. For the next time total health care blog will take good tips and good knowledge to share with all friends. All people can trace news health care from here. You will know that health care by your own so easy.

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