Total Health Care - The Importance of Water Affect The Body 4

What’s Good Water Feature?
1. Good water must without chemical contaminant or organic substance such as Bacteria, heavy metal and chemicals.
2. Good drinking water must contain with minerals that the body needs, including potassium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc.
3. Small molecule structure can penetrate into the cells more effectively and can take nutrient and oxygen to all parts of the body thoroughly including bring waste out of the cell.

4. Good drinking water should have medium hardness and high ion including good conduction of heat also.
5. Good drinking water should have soft alkali by pH of good drinking water should have value between 7.25 - 8.50 for help get rid of acid and waste in body and help body is OK.
6. Good drinking water should have high oxygen volume and can measure oxygen volume about 5 milligram/liter or more.

Some Type of Drinking Water Feature
1. Soft water this is water that hasn’t minerals.
2. Distilled water is water that hasn’t useful minerals with body at all.
3. Sparkling water is water that made from distilled water or soft water this water hasn’t minerals.
4. Juice and sweet water is made from sugar mix with color and water by this type of water are adjust by natural flavor and sometime may be added vitamin and mineral also.
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