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How Does the Body Lose Water?
1. Skin (perspiration and invisible way)
2. Lung (when you breathing out)
3. Feces
4. Urine

Total in one day we must loss water from body about 3-5 liters this is nearby water volume we receive each day. Volume of the water in body’s human are unstable this base on age volume of fat in body and activity of each people. People who work outdoors may lose water 5 – 12 liter per day or patient will have opportunity easy lose water balance in body.

Controlling Mechanism of Water Balance
1. Hypothalamus brain will work in part of controlling water volume in body.
2. When body loses water Hypothalamus brain that have control center about thirst will command you drink water and when you drink water thirsty symptom will be eliminated.
3. If body doesn’t receive water about 3 days this will make you’re dead but for who drink water is not enough this case will make you’re sick.
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