Total Health Care - 10 Foods Help You Reduce Stress

In life of human will find with many problem. All problems in your life make you have stress, how do you manage with that stress. For this post I will tell you about food that help you reduce your stress I think that you must love this post exactly. Each age of people will have stress is different but when you think about good thing that help you reduce stress I think about food at first and another thing help you stop stress. Let’s go I will tell you, follow me.

Stress is one factor of human that make human health is bad sometime it's may make you are sick. Major cause of stress may occur from many things such as work, family problem, broken heart, debt, financial condition, health, congenital disease and more cause so we have helper that helps reduce your stress. By we will use food and fruit for this case by all people can use these food and fruit for fix the stress problem. After you know this secret you can control your stress each busy day. Don't worry because this is easy tips for all people. Follow me I will tell you.

1. Broccoli and Spinach
Dark color vegetable such as Spinach or Broccoli is full of vitamin help reduce your stress both Broccoli and Spinach are full of Magnesium and other mineral help your body and your mind is peaceful including these vegetable still have vitamin B and folic acid. This substance will help relieve stress and anxiety also. (So awesome vegetable for me, I think that you should go to the market and get both vegetable for midnight.)

2. Banana
Yes! The banana is full of Potassium and many sodium types help reduce stress including in banana still have tryptophan and amino acid help secretion happiness substances and melatonin substance also (Good property of melatonin substance is help you sleep as well.) For who sleep is difficult I recommend you try to eat banana sometime you may sleep better.
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