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The water in blood will help transfer food and oxygen gas give all cell and take waste and Carbon dioxide gas leave all cell. The blood flow and the waste excretion out of body process can’t occur if without water balance in body. The water help waste excretion in large intestine is convenience, defecation disorders occur due to imbalance of absorption of water back into intestinal cell. The various Pathogens that cause diarrhea will create bane that affect with mechanism of water balance controlling within intestine.

Bane and toxic chemical in body are eliminated from the body through the water. The liver is a vital organ in destruction or modification bane by use more chemical mechanism, some people tell that the liver is wonderful factory that create good enzyme. Bane excretion process occurs by use the excretion with urine and feces. Water helps control body’s temperature and helps maintain the pH level of blood and fluid in body also. In addition to the water still help reduce heating of body in form perspiration that this is good mechanism.

The Body Receive Water Various Way as Follow
1. Drinking
2. Food
3. Water from carbohydrate, fat and protein burning
Generally human should drinking the water about 1.5 – 2 liters per day (6 – 8 glass) and receive water from food and beverage about 1 – 2 liters.
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