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Hello all fan total health care blog today I have a good article about weight loss that is suitable with all age range. This topic is one article that many people want to know and surly this post may help you know thing that you should make when you want to lose weight. Don’t worry all fans this is easy way you can make it. After you know this way I think that you will get some knowledge and you can lose weight with right method and this way is harmless with your body at all. Let’s go.

When you approach age 30 you may see that weight loss is so difficult story more than you’re young, especially when you approach age 40 this is big problem more. Due to metabolism process in your body is changed according your age. So we should select right and suitable weight loss method with your age too. Weight loss method for each age range will be different you should not overlook this case because if you select wrong weight loss method sometime this may be dangerous with your body.

Age range 20 – 30
For who stay in this age range don’t worry with weight loss story at all because you can lose weight up to 3 – 4 kilogram per month by you don’t need to use hard attempt because your metabolism process in your body is perfect in this age range. For good food that suitable with you are the fruit and vegetable. These things are necessary with you so much and the fruit and vegetable will help you lose weight better.
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