Total Health Care - How to Lose Weight be Suitable With Your Age 2

Age range 30 – 40
The metabolism process in your body will gradually slow down and for who stay at this age range should not lose weight too much because if you hard lose weight this will make you old over the ages. Due to your body loss the water in your body and make your skin are wrinkles therefore in a month you should not lose weight more than 2 – 3 kilograms. For suitable food I recommend such as vegetable and fish. For who stay at this age range should exercise, massage and use skin care too.

Age range 40 – 50
The first problem for who stay at this age range is flabby muscle. Weight gain from hormone changing in the body therefore you should focus at first meal of each day and gradually reduce food quantity from the normal 30%. You should to consume vegetable oil, fish and fruit that these foods will give full nutrition by without affect with your body weight. Sometime for who stay at this age range may want supplement food also, I recommend that for supplement food you should consult with the doctor before you will get them because some supplement may affect with somebody.

For this article I think that will help you choose good food that appropriate with you and you can get the weight you want. For someone want to use diet program or weight loss tips don’t worry I will take good knowledge about this topic to show you on the next time and you’ll be disappointed surely. Bye see me on the next time and thank you for following my total health care blog. If you have comment or want to share some knowledge about health care you can do it.

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