Total Health Care - Daily Exercise Posture in Office for Good Health 3

4. Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator after Lunch
Walking up the stairs after lunch is bad thing most people don’t want but if you walk up the stairs only 2 – 3 level this is the small good exercise for you but if you want to lose weight fast I recommend you run up the stairs this case will help you burn fat so fast and this is the exercise at work by you don’t need to go to fitness or use more money for expensive course at all.

5. Walk to the Office
If you stay near the office, you don’t need to drive car. You should walk or use bicycle instead of drive car this is good exercise. If you need to drive car you should select parking far from your office (you will get exercise from walking between your offices with your car).

You will find that when you start set your exercise plans and then you will get good health everywhere and every time immediately. These things you may think that it’s small exercise but if you make it all days, all weeks, all month, all year this action will take you have good health and long life too. In addition to you will get good health then you will know controlling yourself also. Thank you for following my total health care blog. The next time I will try to find good health care article to share with all friends.

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