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From this case make various company and organization hearken with exercise by use exercise posture in office with all personnel more. What’s that exercise posture? I will show you at below, this is easy exercise posture you can do.

1. Stand Posture
You can use stand posture by stand posture will help you burn calorie so easy. The example stands posture as below.
- Stand to talk your mobile phone or send message from your mobile phone.
- Stand meeting instead of sitting (this is good idea but you may feel stiff for garrulous boss).
- Stand to eat (sometime I make this thing when hurry).
- Stand about 3 – 5 minutes every 3 hours.

2. Lunch Time
Everybody should use interval in coffee drinking time or have lunch time for a little exercise such as speed walking or walk around office area including you should stretch your body and muscles also. The example exercise posture in lunch time as follow.
- Bow down and touch your toes.
- Stoop you head till your chin touch with your chest until you feel be tight in the back and neck.
- Lift both shoulders up to the ears.

3. Using dumbbell
You should have small dumbbell in your office also. Dumbbell can help you exercise at your arm and leg to relax from stress symptom of your muscles. The small dumbbell you can find various places such as Amazon or another health department in general market I recommend just 1 – 2 kg this is OK for all both men and women.
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