Total Health Care - 10 Foods Help You Reduce Stress 2

3. Fish
For example the tuna fish or mackerel these fish are full of omega 3 help the body release Adrenaline substance when you feel bad or stress and help prevent heart disease that occur from stress also. Fish is full of vitamin B such as B6, B12 help increase happiness substance in your brain and the fish still is full of Colin that good for memory system too.

4. Milk and Yogurt
Milk and yogurt are full of Calcium and vitamin D help increase strong of your bone and this is essential nutrients for nervous system including tryptophan help you are good and peaceful and this is the main reason that experts recommend drinking a glass of milk a day before go to the bed. Remember that you should gargle before you will sleep if you eat something before sleep and don't gargle at all this make you have dental problem.

5. Bean
The bean helps reduce stress and help your body release happiness substance including it’s full of vitamin B, E, Magnesium and Zinc (help reduce stress). Vitamin E will help you anti oxidants relate with stress and heart disease. For me I think that bean is delicious so much when I eat them in front of television (you should not believe me you may become fat people)

6. Chicken and Turkey
Chicken and Turkey are source of amino acids and tryptophan help you’re peaceful and relax especially if you sleep after eating chicken or turkey. In addition to turkey is full of protein help maintain the sugar level in your body and reduce your stress also. I already know that what’s food for my dinner.
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