Total Health Care - Food Not to Eat to Lose Weight

Hello all friends find me again. Today I have good article to share with you. For who want to lose weight by natural method you should read this article because it will help you know some food you shouldn't eat. In addition to you should exercise also, this will help you lose weight fast. Are you ready? Let's me show you.

1. Ice Cream and Deserts
These food will increase your weigh more. You should avoid these foods although these foods will have good taste but they have very high calories and you will get gain weight if you have these foods in your Refrigerator.

2. Toffee and Gums
Do you love your body? If your answer are Yes you must stop these foods immediately. These foods cause weight gain after consuming large amount of it and sometime you may decayed tooth also. Stop now!

3. Cola
They are filled with the sugar and high levels of calories. I recommend you avoid cola and its similar products. It is essential for losing weight. For my suggestion I recommend you drink juice or vegetable water instead, this is good for your body.

4. Potato Chips
Do you know that they are filled with more calories over than the body can handle as it is made of potatoes fried in oil. This is causes the body to gain weight. If you want to lose weight you must stop.

Thank you This site help me write this good article. The next time I will take good article to share with all friends again. Have a good day all. Nice to meet you. Bye

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