Total Health Care - Coffee Drinking Makes You Have Good Health

I think that many people know coffee and love them. Researchers team of New England, USA research about coffee drinking and tell that coffee drinking really reduce death of people. Today I have good news for coffee lover. Coffee drinking help you have good health and make you long live. From researching find that when you drink a few coffees per day will make your heart is strong. Opportunity for death from Heart disease, Constricted brain artery disease, Injury from the accident is reduced.

Health researchers team from New England research people about 400,000 person (male a female age about 50 – 71 they are research since 1995). They find that men drink coffee about 2 – 6 cups per day will have death rate less than general men that don’t drink coffee about 10%. For women who always drink coffer will have death opportunity is reduced up to 16%. From this researching make American science attend in this case more. This article is printed in medical and health development journal of New England on May 2012.

This is good news for coffee lover but I recommend that you shouldn’t only drink coffee you should eat useful food all 5 group including exercise and rest also. These thing are important part of total health care too. I think that now you may want a cup of coffee. Don’t wait! Let’s go to the coffee shop now. Find me with total health care article on the next time, I will take good health care article to share all friends. Thank you for following this health blog.

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