Total Health Care - 4 Unexpected Factor Make You Fail from Weight Loss 3

Not Enough Sleep
From several researching find linking between sleeping with hormone that affect with eating behavior as Ghrelin hormone. Duty of this hormone is responsible for hunger and Leptin (this hormone will tell your brain that when you should stop eating) but if you’re not enough sleep the Ghrelin hormone will be increased but Leptin hormone will be decreased. Result from this case will make you want more food and when you eat any food you will not feel full.

Most people want to sleep about 7 – 9 hours per day some people sleep more than 7 hours but some people sleep less than 7 hours. How do you know that how much time is you want for sleeping for each day? From expert tell that you must try longest sleep as you want continuously many days after that your sleeping will stable and you will know the number of time you want for sleeping each day. After you already know you only sleep according to your body want and make it’s routine this method will help you lose weight.

I hope that all total health care blog fan will get good knowledge in this post. These factors are one of many factors that make many people fail with weight loss. Now you already know factor so you can fix these problems by your own and I give you lose weight as you want. Remember that don’t starve because this method will make your body is bad and this method isn’t right method for weight loss. For the next time I will find good article about health care share with all fans again. Thank you for following.

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