Total Health Care - 10 Things You Must Change for Good Shape 3

5. Eat Food all Place You Want
For this topic some people may be confused don’t worry I mean that you shouldn’t eat food other place except on your dining table and you should eat form dish only. If you eat the food when you stand or eat some food from pack this will make you’re rapturous. Result of this case is you will eat more and more. Therefore you must eat food at table but if you’re conscious you can eat all places you want. I’m not serious in this case.

6. Serve Food More Than 1 Set
Do you know that human brain will command you eat more than 1 dish when you see food more? This is easy thing you can make by your own. Set food for eating only 1 position and keep all food at your kitchen. Brain of human will use time up to 20 minutes before it will get full signal from your stomach. But if you’re not full you can eat more.

7. Fast Eating
Do you know that if you eat is fast will make you eat more and for who want to control your weight I recommend that you should reduce your speed for eating food each time and another one tips is chewing the food you should chew all food slower that general this method will help you feel full. In addition to you may drink more water this tips will a little help you also. Slow down eating to get health better.
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